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Classes and Workshops

Vibrational Medicine – Crystal Intelligence, Jacob Adams 
2 hrs. – $20 – Friday, May 4, 2018, 7:00pm-9:00pm

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This class is designed for people who may be just beginning their journey into the realm of crystals and meditation.  People who are advanced in crystal knowledge are encouraged to come as well.  We all share pieces of the collective consciousness…. We are all here to learn!

Join Jacob for an evening of interactive exploration of gems, stones and crystals, and their healing properties. We will share experiences, do exercises to attune our crystalline beings with the frequencies of the Earth, and meditate.

Jacob Adams brings the gifts and treasures of mindfulness and connecting with the Earth to the Fossil Cartel for you to learn and enjoy. He is offering a 2-hour workshop that aims to spread knowledge and connect people with their crystal counterparts… Jacob believes that crystal allies are more than beautiful pieces of the Earth, but are vibrational tools that we can each use to heal ourselves and the planet!

Jacob is an Energetic Medicine Practitioner working with Pranic Healing and Vibrational Therapy.

Prana (life-force), is an inherent component of all living things. When there is an imbalance, one becomes more susceptible to dis-ease. Through this method of study, he is offering energetic ‘hygiene’, or maintenance to the subtle body. This, in combination with vibrational therapy, is an experience that allows growth and development through raising one’s subtle frequencies, and engaging in a co-creative flow of meditation and energetic medicine.

Being exposed to various forms of spirituality at a very young age, Jacob has always felt a deep connection with the inner dimension of the self. He is interested in metaphysics and the mysteries and diversities of life. His path to wellness and service for others has been a continuous process of transformation. Jacob’s work serves to support one in reflection, fine-tuning, and journeying into the depths the psyche. He sees himself as a conduit, a facilitator, and a vessel by which a person can gain a deeper level of awareness with their total being.

After graduating from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Jacob began to study alternative therapies and energetic medicine, channeling forms of non-physical intelligence to guide his innovative process. Through a lens of critical thinking and creative application, he uses Crystal Therapy, Pranic Healing,  and Vibration/Sound Therapies to help integrate people’s awareness and ability to be productive in the world. By creating a space for one to find clarity and to replenish their inner self,  he is  working to bridge the mind-body connection and further develop a synthesis and understanding of the relationship of the physical and subtle bodies.

Jacob currently practice out of EYEM HOLISTIC HEALTH STUDIO, located in downtown: 914 SW 11TH AVE, PORTLAND OR 97201 or at THE PEOPLE’S YOGA  located on 4210 SE BELMONT ( the Belmont location is for dual “mind-body” sesions with his partner Elizabeth who specializes in Thai Bodywork  –  see website for booking(s) and more info) THE PEOPLES YOGA,


Sacred Grid Therapies, Brenn Simonen
2 hrs. – $40 – Saturday, May 19, 2018, 7:15pm-9:15pm

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Brenn Michaels Simonen wrote “Sacred Grid Therapies, Crystal Healing Treatments” after teaching crystal grid classes for almost a decade. She has been giving healing sessions with crystals, guiding meditations, and installing the art of physical health and self-healing with her clients for most of her adult life. While attending her class you will gain knowledge of the history, science, and methodology of creating crystal healing grids using sacred geometry. You’ll experiment with many different grids, crystals, and application techniques, as well as begin to notice the crystals you resonate with the most. Come learn to create your own healing vortex with crystals.


Self-Help with Healing Crystals, Kat Michaels

1 hr. – $40 – Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at 7 p.m.

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Are you interested in using crystals for your own healing but aren’t sure where to begin? In Self-Help with Healing Crystals, you’ll learn how crystal energy works and how it can impact your life. You’ll also learn simple crystal therapy techniques to ground you; to protect you from harmful energy; and to unblock and balance your chakras.






Basic Pendulum Dowsing, – Kat Michaels

1 hr. – $40 – Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

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Learn the basics of pendulum dowsing! Dowsing is an age-old and highly effective way of tapping into your intuition and connecting with your guides and higher self. In this pendulum dowsing coure, youil learn:

Dowsing ethics

Pendulum programming

Yes and no questions

Multiple choice questions

Proper question format

Basic pendulum charts

Come into the store and join us for a “different kind of happy hour!”