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Vibrational Medicine-Crystal Intelligence:

Part 2: Creativity, Empowerment, Sexuality

Sun, Aug. 26, 2018, 6:15 PM – 8:15 PM

Cost: $20 early bird and $25 at the door

Please preregister. Seating is limitedRegister Here.

Relating to our energy bodies, ‘Creativity’ is housed in the Sexual/Sacral chakra center of our subtle bodies. Sexual energy is more than the energy to procreate or seek orgasmic pleasure, it is the essence of your identity as a human and a vital key to connecting with the Earth and Universe… Both the physical and thought/conceptual creations of our lives have an origins in the 2nd chakra and 3rd chakra centers. To create takes will power, and we must create this space from within first!

In the second installation of this workshop we will focus on the stones related to our 2nd and 3rd chakras. We will discuss indications of imbalance on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level – as well as ways to work through and balance these energy imbalances.

Jacob Adams brings the gifts and treasures of mindfulness and connecting with the Earth to The Fossil Cartel for you to learn and enjoy.

He is offering a 2-hour workshop that aims to spread knowledge and connect people with their crystal counterparts…

Jacob believes that crystal allies are more than beautiful pieces of the Earth, but are vibrational tools that we can each use to heal ourselves and the planet!

This class is designed as a series of classes that will hone in on specific groups of stones (ex. Grounding, Emotional Balance, Manifestation, Transformation, Clarity etc.)
We will discuss the energies of the various stones , how/what chakra centers they relate to, and how we can use them as dynamic healing tools.

Join him for an evening of interactive exploration of gems, stones and crystals, and their healing properties. We will share experiences, do exercises to attune our crystalline beings with the frequencies of the Earth, and meditate.

Come into the store and join us for a

“different kind of happy hour!”