Tanzanite Chip Bracelet


A wonderful simple stretchy bracelet made with tumbled chips of tanzanite and some green zoisite. One size fits most. Approx 2″ across and 1/4″ thick. Photo is sample.

Chip bracelets are great for stacking and combining with others to match any outfit!



Alternate December Birthstone

Tanzanite is a dark-blue variety of the mineral zoisite, originally found only in Tanzania, Africa. Now also found in Pakistan, tanzanite is pleochroic, meaning it appears different colors – purple, gray or blue – depending on the angle from which it is viewed. At times it is heat-treated to remove brown areas and improve the color. Metaphysically, tanzanite is used to assist with communication and for calming the overactive psyche and balancing the mental with the emotional.


Zoisite is a calcium aluminum silicate hydroxide mineral with prismatic and vertically striated crystals. The most valuable form of zoisite is the sapphire-blue mineral called tanzanite, and the massive pinkish-red variety of zoisite is called thulite. Ruby is known to form within the dark green variety, much like it forms within fuchsite. Localities include Spain, Germany, Scotland, and Japan. Metaphysically, zoisite helps to transmute negative energies into positive ones.

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