Salt Lamps


Large warm colored salt lamps on a wooden base. Each comes with a cord and light bulb. Photo is sample.

Salt Lamp Approx: 7″ ± 1″ Tall x 5″ ± 1″ wide





Our salt crystal lamps are crafted from 100% natural rock salt, the massive form of the mineral halite, which is sodium chloride — essentially the same as table salt. It can be colorless, or colored by trace minerals such as iron oxides, which produce the warm orange color tones in our salt lamps. The salt in our lamps comes from the Himalaya Mountains and is as old as 250 million years. Salt crystal lamps refresh the air in a room through the process of ionization. Rock salt emits negative ions when warmed by the bulb inside our lamps.  Negative ions magnetically attract airborne contaminants and allergens, most of which are positively charged.  These particles clump together and fall to the ground, clearing the air. Even if they are inhaled, the clumps of particles are now large enough to be trapped by the “filters” of the upper respiratory tract.


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Weight 112 oz

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