Rhodochrosite Oval Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring; size 6


A richly pink-colored rhodochrosite oval cabochon set in a simple split-shank style sterling silver ring band.
Stone approx: 15 mm x 11 mm
Size 6 only

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This manganese carbonate derives its name from the Greek rhodokhros , meaning “of rosy color.” While the color of pure rhodochrosite is red-rose, it can also be pink, brown or grey. Rhodochrosite is commonly mined for its manganese. The Incas believed rhodochrosite to be the blood of their former rulers turned to stone, so it is sometimes called “Rosa del Inca” or “Inca Rose.” Famous deposits of rhodochrosite are found in Argentina, Colorado, Mexico, and Peru. Metaphysically, it is used for loving tenderness


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