Polished Fluorite Crystal Point


A gorgeous piece of fluorite cut and polished into a crystal point with a flat bottom. Each is unique and will have different colors, purples and greens are most common.

Approx 2″-2 1/4″ high x 3/4″ diameter. Expect variation.

Sold individually. Photo is sample.



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This calcium fluoride has a wide color range and often exhibits several colors in the same specimen. Fluorite forms as cubes, octahedrons, massive granular, or compact. Its name is derived from the Latin fluere, meaning “to flow,” due to its use as a flux in iron smelting.  The word “fluorescent” comes from fluorite crystals being the first minerals found to fluoresce.  Fluorite is also used to make opalescent glass. Metaphysically, fluorite aids in healing and protects from stress, especially electromagnetic stress. Deposits are found in USA, China, Mexico, Canada, Spain, and UK.

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