Oregon Opal, Clear, Oval Cut Facet


Oregon Opal Facet. A stunning and vibrant oval cut facet. 44 ct. 30mm long x 23mm wide x 15.5mm deep

There’s not a lot of this material available. It hasn’t been mined in a while and might not be ever again. These are beautiful specimens.

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Oregon Opal

Oregon Opal is a unique variety of Opal found in a remote site called Opal Butte, Oregon where it was accidentally discovered by a shepherd over 100 years ago. It was originally marketed by Tiffany’s and was avidly sought at the turn of the century. Unlike the well known Australian Opal which is most often a milky white with iridescent “fire,” our Oregon Opal is quite transparent and often tinged with shades of blue, red, and yellow. Because of its clarity, Oregon Opal shines best when it is faceted. Metaphysically, Oregon Opal amplifies positive emotions and transforms negativity into useful energy.

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