Himalayan Salt Candle Holder


Candle holders made from pieces of natural Himalayan salt. Brings a calming energy to any space in your house. Sold individually. Each is unique. Photo is sample.

Approx  4 1/4 diameter x 4″ tall

Not for use in bathrooms or other moist areas, where moisture will cause the salt to slowly dissolve.

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Halite is sodium chloride, also known as common salt. The name is derived from the Greek hals, “salt.” Halite can be found as masses, or in cubic and hopper crystals. It is widespread in large evaporate deposits from sea water. It can be colorless, white, orange, blue, or purple. The orange coloring is due to traces of hematite. Blue/purple coloring is due to defects in the crystal structure. Fine specimens of halite are found in the Himalayas, Poland, California, and New York. Metaphysically, it is used for purification and cleansing.

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