Moldavite Pear Cut Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Jewelry Set


A pair of  gorgeous moldavite earrings with celtic knot metalwork and a matching pendant, all sterling silver. Each teardrop faceted stone approximately 7 x 5mm
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The gem from outer space! This stunning olive-green gem belongs to a family of stones called Tektites: meteoric impact glasses. 14.7 million years ago, a giant meteorite hit western Bavaria, causing melted terrestrial material to fly into the air, where it cooled quickly and formed moldavite. Most of it fell in the Moldau Valley in the Czech Republic, hence the name “moldavite.”

Moldavite is sought out for its metaphysical properties. They are tools for spiritual development and consciousness expansion. Moldavites are among the most powerful members of the mineral kingdom. People whom are sensitive to stone energies describe Moldavite  as a stone with an extremely high vibration, which is felt as heat or a pulsing tingle. They are supposed to open blockages in any chakra. Many report that working with the mineral has coincided with an acceleration of their spiritual path.

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