Meteorite Sterling Silver Earrings, Agoudal


A gorgeous natural Agoudal meteorite with sterling silver ear hooks. The high iron and nickle contents make this piece have a nice weight to it. Approx 11 mm x 9 mm. Entire length approx 28 mm. Photo is sample.


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Agoudal Meteorite

Discovered in 2000 near Agoudal in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Agoudal iron meteorites are also known as Imilchil for the famous town nearby where there is an annual marriage festival. Over 100 kilos have been recovered, mostly small pieces under 100 grams, with the largest piece weighing over 60 kilograms. It is widely thought that this iron IIAB (AKA Hexahedrite) meteorite is connected to a meteorite impact that occured 40,000 years ago, evidenced by shatter cones found in the same area. The nearby lakes Isli and Tislit are possible impact craters related the to Agoudal meteorite.

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