Labradorite, Rainbow Obsidian, & Black Star Diopside Sterling Silver Bracelet


A handmade sterling silver bracelet with labradorite, rainbow obsidian, and black star diopside cabochons. This piece was designed by Oregon jewelry designer Steve Wolf.

Approx 7 1/4″ long and 3/4″ wide.

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Labradorite is a type of plagioclase feldspar displaying a unique phenomenon aptly named labradorescence. This is caused by the interference of light within the layers of the stone. Colors show through in lustrous metallic tints, most often blue and gold, although specimens with a complete spectrum of colors are most sought after. Labradorite derives its name from where it was first found on the peninsula of Labrador, Canada. Metaphysically, labradorite is believed to help facilitate life transitions.  Deposits are found in Canada, Madagascar, and Finland.


A member of the pyroxene family, diopside occurs most commonly as green crystals colored by chromium, but can also be colored by manganese to form a more violet-blue mineral. Diopside occurs with olivines such as peridot and has also been found in small amounts in chondrite meteorites, which are thought to be among the earliest formed materials in the solar system. Localities include Italy and U.S.A. Metaphysically, diopside helps to teach one the value of trust and forgiveness.\


A natural volcanic glass, obsidian is formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic magmas. Typically jet black, this igneous rock also comes in many varieties such as mahogany, snowflake, sheen, spider web, and rainbow. Obsidian’s conchoidal fracture makes it easily chipped to form razor-sharp edges. It was used by many ancient cultures to make weapons, tools, and ornaments. Metaphysically, obsidian is used for protection and the releasing of negative energy. Major deposits of obsidian are found in the USA, Mexico, Japan, and Iceland.


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