Hyalite Opal Specimen


A special hyalite opal specimen with reddish-orange inclusions.  Found in Mexico

Approx.  1 3/4″ H x 2 3/8″ W x 1 1/4″ D

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Hyalite Opal

Hyalite opal is an unusual variety of opal found in various volcanic locations around the world. Because of its unique structure, you won’t find any opalescence or “play of color” that traditional opals are known for. Instead, hyalite opal impresses when viewed under shortwave ultraviolet light, fluorescing a strong green color. Its formation can be classified as amorphous, botryoidal and globular. Its name comes from the Greek word for glass, ýalos (ύαλος), due to its glass-like appearance.

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