Emerald and Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings


Gorgeous emerald and pearl sterling silver earrings. Each earring adorned by an oval faceted emerald and a pearl. All metal is sterling silver. This pair of earrings has a post style backs.

Emerald approx 5 x 3 mm.
Pearl approx 9 x 6 mm.

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May Birthstone

The ancient Egyptians, who valued emerald as a symbol of fertility and life, mined this bright green variety of beryl as early as 1300 BCE. Colonial Spain removed a great many emeralds from deposits in Colombia. Other localities include Russia, Austria, Norway, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Zambia, and North Carolina. Metaphysically, emerald works with the heart (4th) chakra to instill love and compassion, as well as to open one to true abundance and prosperity.


Pearl is a concretion formed by a mollusk and made up of the same material as the mollusk’s shell, principally the mineral aragonite. The shell may also contain small conchiolin, which together with aragonite produces nacre, or mother-of-pearl. The finest pearls are produced by mollusks whose shells are lined with mother-of-pearl, generally saltwater oysters and freshwater clams. The pearl is created when a foreign particle enters the mollusk and cells within the organism begin building up layers around the particle as a protective measure. Metaphysically, pearl is said to help balance body rhythms

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