Diopside Chip Bracelet


A wonderful simple stretchy bracelet made with tumbled chips of chrome diopside.  One size fits most. Approx 2″ across and 1/4″ thick. Photo is sample.

Chip bracelets are great for stacking and combining with others to match any outfit!



A member of the pyroxene family, diopside occurs most commonly as green crystals colored by chromium, but can also be colored by manganese to form a more violet-blue mineral. Diopside occurs with olivines such as peridot and has also been found in small amounts in chondrite meteorites, which are thought to be among the earliest formed materials in the solar system. Localities include Italy and U.S.A. Metaphysically, diopside helps to teach one the value of trust and forgiveness.

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Weight 1.1 oz


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