Dinosaur Bone Oval Sterling Silver Ring; size 8 1/2


A simple sterling silver ring with small circles cut into the band. Set with a dinosaur bone fossil oval cabochon. This piece was designed by Oregon local artisan Steve Wolf with dino bone from Utah.

Stone approx 20 mm x 11.5 mm

Ring size 8 1/2 only

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Dinosaur Bone

These fossilized bone fragments come from dinosaurs who roamed Utah 65–215 million years ago. As the calcium carbonate in the bones gradually dissolved in rain water, minerals seeped into the pores of the bones, replacing and preserving the inner structure over time. The resulting fossil is usually mostly agate; other replacement minerals which may influence its color include jasper, calcite, opal and quartz. Metaphysically, dino bone helps with past life healing and connecting with ancient ways.

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