Chakra Stone Pendulum


A layered chakra stone pendulum. Approximately: 1.5″ long and .75″ wide. Base metal chain length: 8.5″ Entire length approximately 10″

Pendulum has the following stones stones from bottom to top. Red Jasper, red aventurine, calcite, aventurine, lapis, iolite, and amethyst

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The Chakra System

According to Hinduism, chakras are vital points on the physical body that serve as centers where energy flows in and out of the spiritual body. There are seven main chakras, each of which is associated with our physical, mental, and emotional interactions.

7th Chakra (Crown)———–Amethyst  (Spirituality)

6th Chakra (Third Eye)——-Iolite (Intuition/Intellect/Psychic)

5th Chakra (Throat) ———- Lapis Lazuli (Communication)

4th Chakra (Heart) ————Aventurine (Love/ Joy/Prosperity)

3rd (Solar Plexus)—-Calcite (Self Esteem/Relationship to the world)

2nd Chakra (Navel/Sacral) —Red Aventurine (Creativity/Reproduction)

1st Chakra (Root/Base) ——-Red Jasper (Survival/Family issues)

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