Blue and Green Tourmaline Sterling Silver Pendant


A gorgeous sterling silver pendant set with a beautiful blue tourmaline (indicolite) crystal and a green tourmaline (verdelite) cabochon. The green tourmaline is approx 8 mm diameter. The blue tourmaline crystal is approx 16 mm long x 6 mm wide. The entire pendant is 42 mm long x 10 mm wide. This piece was designed by Oregon local designer Steve Wolf.

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Alternate October Birthstone (pink tourmaline)

Tourmaline is a crystal silicate mineral with the broadest color palette of any mineral group. The name derives from the Sinhalese turmali, meaning many-colored gems. Bi-colored and multicolored crystals are common, reflecting variations of fluid chemistry during crystallization. Each color has its own mineral name, including rubellite (red, pink), indicolite (blue), verdelite (green), dravite (brown) and schorl (black). Tourmaline is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and California. Metaphysically, schorl is good for protection, rubellite for matters of the heart, verdelite for prosperity, dravite for self-healing, indicolite for intuition.

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