Aragonite Stars from Morocco


A gorgeous aragonite star crystal cluster from Morocco. Sometimes called a sputnik cluster referring to it’s resemblance to the first man-made satellite in space.

Sold individually. Photo is sample. Click through the gallery to see other examples.

Dimensions per piece vary. Approximately 1″ to 1 1/” L x 1″ to 1 1/” W x 1″ to 1 1/” H

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Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a hardness of 3.5 – 4. Identical to calcite in chemical composition, aragonite forms naturally in almost all mollusk shells, and as the calcareous endoskeleton of warm and cold-water corals. Discovered in Molina de Aragon, Spain in 1797, locations include Bohemia and Morocco. Metaphysically, aragonite encourages conservation and recycling.

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