Aquamarine Crystals


Small and gemmy Aquamarine Crystals from Afghanistan, sold by weight ($5.00 per gram). Good color and clarity. Size ranges from 1/2″ – 1 1/2″ long, and 0.4 – 2g in weight



AquamarineBirthstone for March

Meaning “sea water,” aquamarine crystals are the light green to blue variety of the mineral beryl. Its ocean hues come from traces of iron. The crystal is almost always found in cavities in pegmatites or in alluvial deposits, and forms larger and clearer crystals than its cousin, emerald. One crystal found in Brazil weighed 245 lbs. Vikings wore aquamarine for protection on their long sea voyages. Today, aquamarine is used to bring peace and calm to its user. Fine specimens of aquamarine are found in Afghanistan, Brazil, USA, and Pakistan.




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Weight .75 oz

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