Meet The Fossil Cartel Staff

Nick at The Fossil Cartel in Portland OregonMeet Nick, The Fossil Cartel Sales Associate

Nick has been rocking out at the Fossil Cartel since November of 2014. He loves working with people and taking photos of all the beautiful specimens in the shop. Oregon born and raised, he has been rockhounding around the state since he was little and has a large collection of local stones. Now his interest lies primarily in using the beautiful gems and crystals from around the world in jewelry. He makes fine wire wrapped and fabricated jewelry with the gems. Aside from his interest in wire wrapping, jewelry and crystals, he is a professional circus performer, avid hiker, and mushroom forager.

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Favorite minerals: Tanzanite, Opal, Bixbite, Phosphophyllite, Benitoite, Fire Agate



Meet Anne, The Fossil Cartel Assistant Manager

Anne is originally from Pennsylvania where she began her love for rocks and fossils. One of her favorite childhood memory includes “rock picking” with her grandfather which is when she began collecting specimens. Anne spends her free time making jewelry, working with polymer clay and creating wearable art. She is also a volunteer at KBOO Community Radio. Her favorite rocks are amethyst and celestite.






Meet Brian, The Fossil Cartel Sales Associate

Brian grew up in central Illinois, spending summers canoeing and exploring the natural landscapes of the prairies and forests. It was here he developed a love for nature that grew into everything from photography to botany and geology. Someday he hopes to take what he has learned and use his observations to help create new systems for sustainability and urban design, bringing the lessons of nature back to the city. Brian’s favorite minerals are: labradorite, moonstone, fluorite, moldavite, azurite and selenite.






Meet Jacob, The Fossil Cartel Sales Associate

Jacob is the newest member of the Fossil Cartel family. He is originally from Memphis, TN. His journey into the mineral kingdom started in the 5th grade when a random kid at recess one day gave him a bag of rocks. This led to an intimate connection with stones by his early/mid twenties, and a strong awareness into the metaphysical realm of crystals and Earth energies. Jacob is an Energetic Medicine Practitioner working with Vibrational Therapy. His modalities include: Crystal Meditation, Crystal Therapy, Fine Art, Pranic Healing and Sound Therapy.  He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts ( from Portland State University in 2017. As a painter, he works to bridge Fine Art and Healing Art by painting with crystals, and doing channeled drawings with charcoal. Jacob has always felt a deep connection with the inner dimension of the self. His interests in metaphysics and the mysteries and diversities of life led him on a path to wellness and service for others and has been a continuous process of transformation for him.

Jacob’s favorite stones/minerals include: quartz (all varieties), shungite, meteorites, hematite, goethite, selenite, apophyllite and celestite.

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