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December Birthstones Turquoise & Tanzanite

Starting at 0:40 in this video, Susan focuses on December birthstones turquoise and tanzanite. Susan shows the various forms of each we carry in the store, including rough turquoise pieces, tumbled turqoise, and turquoise jewelry of all kinds. She also explains the difference between real and imitation turquoise. Another birthstone for December is tanzanite, available in rough tanzanite pieces, tumbled tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry.

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The Fossil Cartel Live at the 2018 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

Susan of The Fossil Cartel broadcasts live from the Pueblo Show at Riverpark Inn in Tucson. Starting at the Steve Bookbinder’s Brazilian minerals booth, Susan guides you through a mere portion of just one venue of dozens at the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. See a throne carved out of agate, giant agate slices, huge citrine and amethyst geodes, tall agate slice lamps, giant tents filled with mineral dealers from all over the world — and just get a general idea of what this show looks and feels like.


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Healing Stones for Love

Part of our Metaphysical Monday series, this video celebrates Valentine’s Day by featuring healing stones for love. Susan talks about which stones can be used for attracting and growing love, and shows off examples of each stone in rough form as well as in jewelry and finished stones. Minerals highlighted include aventurine, ruby, garnet, Botswana agate, peridot, rhodochrosite, rose quartz and unakite. All these stones (except garnet) are offered together in our healing pouch, Stones for Love.


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Healing Stones for Energy

Part of our Metaphysical Monday series, this video focuses on healing stones for energy. Susan displays and discusses different energy stones including apophyllite, bloodstone, garnet, orange calcite, and ruby. Susan also shares various techniques and strategies for using these minerals to harness and guide their energy. These rocks are available all together in our healing pouch, Healing Stones for Energy.


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Druzy Azurite — Dazzling!

Starting around 1:00 in this video, Susan shows off new specimens of one of her favorite stones, druzy azurite from Morocco. The Fossil Cartel just unveiled a large new selection of this dazzling sparkly deep blue mineral. Some specimens also include malachite, and prices range from $5 to $65.

Azurite is a deep blue carbonate hydroxide mineral. A secondary mineral, it forms in the oxidized portion of copper deposits through the action of carbonated waters on other copper minerals. Its name is derived from the Persian lazhward, “blue.” The ancient Egyptians mined azurite for use as a pigment and a source of metallic copper. Azurite was widely used as a blue pigment in Medieval painting. Fine specimens of azurite are found in China, Morocco, Namibia, and Arizona. Metaphysically, azurite is used for intuition, meditation, and stress relief.


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Healing Stones for Anxiety

In this Metaphysical Monday video, since the holidays are coming up and a lot of people experience anxiety around the holiday season, Susan showcases The Fossil Cartel’s healing pouch, “Stones for Overcoming Anxiety,” featuring:
Chrysocolla- tranquility
Unakite- emotional balance
Lepidolite– soothes emotions
Fluorite– reduces stress
Kunzite– alleviates symptoms of anxiety
Rose Quartz– positive nurturing energy

In addition to this specially prepared healing pouch, all the featured stones are available in various forms, including rough stones or crystals, polished stones, and of course, jewelry!



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Healing Stones for Safe Travel

In this Metaphysical Monday video, Susan highlights The Fossil Cartel’s “Stones for Safe Travel” healing pouch, featuring:

Yellow Jasper– protection during travel

Garnet- safe homecoming, guides away from danger

Amethyst- intuition

Tiger Eye– physical protection

Malachite- safety in air

You can use this specially prepared pre-made pouch, or you may use any of the stones listed in any of the forms we sell them: rough stones, tumbled stones, and jewelry.