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Druzy Azurite — Dazzling!

Starting around 1:00 in this video, Susan shows off new specimens of one of her favorite stones, druzy azurite from Morocco. The Fossil Cartel just unveiled a large new selection of this dazzling sparkly deep blue mineral. Some specimens also include malachite, and prices range from $5 to $65.

Azurite is a deep blue carbonate hydroxide mineral. A secondary mineral, it forms in the oxidized portion of copper deposits through the action of carbonated waters on other copper minerals. Its name is derived from the Persian lazhward, “blue.” The ancient Egyptians mined azurite for use as a pigment and a source of metallic copper. Azurite was widely used as a blue pigment in Medieval painting. Fine specimens of azurite are found in China, Morocco, Namibia, and Arizona. Metaphysically, azurite is used for intuition, meditation, and stress relief.


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