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Rock Story Contest 2017

All of us at The Fossil Cartel love a great story. We could tell you stories for days about all the rocks and goodies we have in our store. That got us thinking, we bet you have great stories about your own collection of fossils, minerals, crystals, and other rock specimens. Choose just one story to tell us and you could win The Fossil Cartel Storytellers Contest.

We’re giving away a thunder egg, the book, “Gem Trails of Oregon” by Garret Romaine, and a $50 gift card to The Fossil Cartel for the 1st prizewinner! The first and second runner up will each get a $10 gift card.

Do you have a story about a stone or fossil in your collection that is funny, spiritual, unique, or just awesome? It is your time to be a storyteller and share your story with all of us at The Fossil Cartel, our fans and social media followers!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Tell us a story about a stone or fossil in your own collection.
  2. You can either write your story in less than 300 words in a Word document or PDF, OR you can record a video telling your story in less than 3 minutes, upload it to YouTube and email us the link. Make sure to send a picture of the stone or fossil in your story. If you’re submitting a YouTube video link, make sure to show your stone or fossil.
  3. Our team at The Fossil Cartel will pick a winner based off how unique and interesting your story is.
  4. Please submit your Word document, PDF, or YouTube link May 1 – June 1, 2017 to
  5. We will notify the winners on June 7, 2017.

When you submit your document or YouTube link you give The Fossil Cartel permission to showcase your submission on our blog and social media pages including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Also by entering this contest you opt-in to our email list.

No purchase is necessary and the 1st prize is valued at $79, and the first and second runners up prizes are valued at $10 each.

Contest presented by:

The Fossil Cartel
333 SW Taylor Street

Portland, OR 97204

Again, please submit your Word document, PDF, or YouTube link May 1 – June 1, 2017 to


Here’s an example of a written story submission:

“Back when I was in high school I was part of the most rewarding and amazing team in an organization called DECA (an association of marketing students).  There were 18 of us on the state officer team and we were all in our junior or senior year of high school. All of us were from different cities and towns throughout the state of Washington. We became a family after spending a year traveling around the state together. When the year was over one of my fellow state officers gave each of us a carved heart stone from The Fossil Cartel. He did this because we would consistently refer to our experiences as DECA love and would make a heart shape with our hands.

17 years have gone by and I still have the picture jasper heart from The Fossil Cartel. It has traveled with me to different corners of the US and has had many homes starting with my college dorm room. It now is next to my bed in my side table in the first home my husband and I purchased this year. I cherish this picture jasper heart stone as it carries a bit of nostalgia and memories I never want to forget.”

-Meagan H.

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