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Denver Gem and Mineral Show 2016




All August I was dreaming of being at the Denver Gem and Mineral show in September and finding beautiful treasures to bring back. It’s a highlight of my year and now that time has come and passed. It was wonderful as usual. There was only one year it wasn’t so great: when the area experienced heavy flooding and many of the vendors’ booths were under water!

Now we’re tasked with unpacking everything, getting it out on the floor and on our website. It’s like Christmas for us – unwrapping all the goodies! See below for a list of some of the new booty.

Besides the beautiful weather in Denver, the only other thing that stood out for me this year was an experience one of the vendors shared with us. The Schlanskers have been around a long time and are a large wholesale business. It’s a family business started by Mr. Schlansker, who was later joined by his retired school principal wife, her sister, and now the grown children. Speaking of children, I remember one year at the Denver Show when Mrs. Schlansker held my infant daughter so I could have my hands free while I selected merchandise. 14 years later, she shares pictures of her grandchildren with us and we get to know her children who will probably eventually take over the business.

The Schlanskers have been very successful and have grown their business into a big operation. They also run a tight ship; they cross their t’s and dot their I’s. They are hard-working, honest, tax-paying people. Mr. Schlansker travels a lot to buy minerals and fossils from all over the world. In many countries, using cash is more effective and practical than credit cards and money orders. A week before the show, the Schlanskers got notice that the main bank they do business with (one of the biggest banks in the country) had closed all their accounts with no given reason. They could only speculate it had something to do with the Patriot Act due to their seemingly suspicious dealings with cash and all the traveling. Apparently the banks are not able to differentiate between diamonds and semi-precious minerals like we sell, and are afraid anyone dealing with cash and stones of any kind is a potential terrorist and/or money launderer.  Not only was it very disruptive and a great hardship for them to suddenly lose all their bank accounts for no reason, it was also invalidating. When you’re a good person, doing the right thing, you’d expect people and institutions to treat you with respect. This must have felt like a slap in the face. They told us other vendors have had similar experiences, and they suggested we create a Patriot Act compliance policy to post on our website as well.  Hopefully, they will find another bank that wants to do business with them and take their money.

Here’s a little list and some pics of some of the goodies we brought back from Denver. Please be patient with us as it takes weeks to get all unpacked and out on the floor.

  • huge smoky quartz clusters
  • all sizes of great single, unpolished  quartz points including large
  • tumbled larimar
  • hand polished small green kyanite,
  • flat sardonyx small tile-like pieces
  • sardonxyx spheres
  • all sorts of great massage wands
  • shattuckite jewelry
  • super 7 jewelry
  • small kunzite
  • ruby crystals
  • small sapphire eggs and hearts
  • lots of sulfur specimens from two diff. locations
  • great ruby earrings
  • lots of obsidian-sm. sheen obsidian spheres and palm stones, rainbow obsidian spheres and hearts
  • fossil starfish
  • different ammonites from Madagascar
  • bright light green serpentine marbles
  • aqua aura points and a few clusters
  • aurora quartz points and clusters
  • small meteorites from a different location
  • many diff. size fluorite slabs
  • lots of great soothing stones
  • gemmy chrysoprase, rhodochrosite and larimar  beaded necklaces
  • cut and polished coprolites
  • mini selenite lamps with LEDs
  • quartz, amethyst and rose quartz wands
  • shungite pyramids
  • kunzite pendants
  • large polished garnet crystals
  • labradorite bookends
  • men’s rings
  • blue kyanite in quartz
  •  large and medium rough rose quartz
  • Fluorite, sodalite, rose quartz and carnelian bowls
  • A grade tumbled ruby in zoisite,
  • , etc., etc…….


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